Two-wing automatic revolving door

  Panasonic Two-wing automatic revolving door

♦ Advanced door flap with the rebound function once collided
♦ Complete sensor configuration - up to 32 sets
♦ Short anti-collision braking distance

♦ Emergency function

Product features

Advanced door flap with the rebound function once collided

When the newly added revolving door flap of Panasonic safety revolving door is subjected to an external energy of 10J, the revolving door will return. It is fully guaranteed that people or objects will not be harmed in the event of an accident.

Complete sensor configuration - up to 32 sets

◇A new sensor has been added on the basis of the original sensor, wider covering area and more reliable.

Short anti-collision braking distance

The Panasonic safety revolving door has the braking distance of 180mm, which significantly improves the safety factor.

Emergency function

◇1.In order to ensure the safety and convenience of the disabled and the pedestrians, a single-touch low-speed rotary switch is provided, through which the door can be changed from the normal rotation state to the low-speed rotation state during the rotation of the door flap.
◇2. An emergency stop switch is provided, through which an emergency stop can be realized when various safety detection sensors detect various abnormal conditions.
◇3. After the emergency stop switch is released, the door body can be restored to the previous rotation speed after 2 s and can be rotated once

Product parameters

Bearing capacity in the exhibition box


Withstand voltage

1500V/1 min

Rotating wheel bearing capacity


Revolving speed


Light strip speed


Temperature indication


Wind resistance

Level 8

Supply voltage

Single phase 220V±10% 50HZ

Total power




Lighting power

500Wmax, single 12V, 35W

Revolving door power


Flush door power


UPS power supply time (optional)

3 min

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